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    AnGeLsEZVPN Regulations Empty AnGeLsEZVPN Regulations

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    Article 1: General
    Every person is welcome on AnGeLsEZVPN and is not obliged to share.
    Up gradation will however occurs only in accordance with the rules of ranks.

    Article 2: Rules of ranks:

    Newbies Members:
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    Points 8 + thanked 2 times

    Junior Angels:
    Points 16 + thanked 4 times

    Senior Angels:
    Points 32 + thanked 8 times

    Super Angels:
    Points 64 + thanked 16 times

    Article 3: Account
    Every person shall use only one account on AnGeLsEZVPN.
    Password shall be strong.

    Article 4: Sharing of resources out of AnGeLsEZVPN
    Sharing of resources out of AnGeLsEZVPN are not prohibited but shall be limited and compensated by good contributions of the member sharing out of AnGeLsEZVPN.

    Article 5: Respect of other members
    Every member shall respect the others.

    Article 6: Bans
    Any infringements to articles 3, 4 or 5 will be punished by a ban.

    Article 7: Types of resources
    Only EZ and VPN accounts can be posted on AnGeLsEZVPN.

    Article 8: Donations
    You can decide to give good resources to AnGeLsEZVPN. Such donations shall be made by PM to one of the Admins. Your donations will be taken into account for up gradation.

    Please follow these rules and enjoy AnGeLsEZVPN !

    Thank you in advance.

    AnGeLsEZVPN Admins Team
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    AnGeLsEZVPN Regulations Empty Re: AnGeLsEZVPN Regulations

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